Do well by doing good. いいことをして世界と社会をよくしていこう

About Our Activities

“Do well by doing good.” is an initiative
that aims to build a more sustainable society
with the approach of “what we do may be
imperfect, but let’s take a small step together
to make the world and society a better place.”

We hope that a sustainable world will soon
become the norm, which is why we’re
investing in
projects where we can make the
most difference.

  • Support the
    independence of

  • Promote
    conservation and to
    protect ecosystem

  • Provide equal
    opportunities to

  • Contribute to our
    lives and the society
    with innovations

  • Support local
    communities and

  • Build a sustainable

We are implementing a “project to
the world and society.”

as part of our activities,
Do well by doing good.

Since our inception in 2019,
we have been asking you to vote
for different projects to help improve
the world we live in, with each scheme
covering the environment, education,
and equality.

Every year, we’ll be asking you
to vote for the project
that means the most to you.
The project with the most votes
will receive additional support from us.

Keep up to date

Do well by doing good. activities are
operated by imperfect Inc.

Official SNS

Be sure to check back regularly; we will be
keeping you up to date on all our current and
future projects here and on Twitter and